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 Alterboy's application

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Posts : 2
Join date : 2010-11-03

PostSubject: Alterboy's application   Wed Nov 03, 2010 5:39 pm

Personal information
Name: Andri

Age: 17

Country: Iceland

Language: English, danish , icelandic

Character information

Nick: Alterboy

Level: 80

Race: human

Class: Priest

Spec: Disc

Duel spec: Shadow

Link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Terenas&cn=Alterboy

Would you be willing to respec your talents if asked? Yes.

Alt information at lvl 80. none only level 80 char but i got a 77 mage

Any Previous main characters

Name: Mmpv

Class: Mage

Spec: Frost

Realm: Trollbane

All Content and Raid experiences ( How many bosses have you down)

In Vanilla: just few Onyxia , BWL and stuff

In TBC: i did Gruul, The black temple, Sunwell, kara, Zul aman

In WotLK: Icc 10 12/12, icc 10 hc 5/12, icc 25 6/12

All previous guilds and reason for leaving ( While being lvl 60 in vanilla, 70 in TBC and 80 in WotLK)

Vanilla: Carpediem, i left because it got disbanded

TBC: Offspring best guild on trollbane i left because i joined a new server

WotLK: (trollbane A change of seasons) (Terenas, justice league, Magic pixies i left those both cause they were not the raiding guild for me

Why do you want to join Misery and why do you think Misery is the guild for you? Cause ive heard its a fun guild and a guild to like

Are you applying to any other guild then Misery at this point of time? Nope just this one

Can you play from 20.00 to +-2400 and minimal 3 raid per week? i can join for every raid and i'm online from 15:00 to 4:00 at night

Your internet connection? (lags/DCs?) no DCs no lags i got a stable internet connection

Do you know/have Ventrilo? Yes

Do you have microphone? Ye but its broken gonna buy a new one soon but i can listen

Average FPS during 10/25 man raids? in icc i got like 35-40 fps in dala and sw stuff like that i got around 60-70

Are you planning to take a break from WoW anytime soon? nope i had a 6 months break but i liked the game to much so ive been online for along time

Do you know anyone in Misery ? If so, who? no

Have you read the Conduct Post before applying? yes

If you read the conduct post before applying. What is the magic word? (The word will be changed from time to time) i cant find it -.-

Ever got any bad conduct post about you? nah

A few words about yourself... well im from iceland im a 17 year old guy i am online often i like raiding so im gonna be active allot uhm my mum lives in Dk i lived there for about 2 years but i moved back so i know allot of danish but im bad at writeing it so i guess thats all you need to know about me

Do you have any questions to us? no ;P
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Posts : 46
Join date : 2010-08-20

PostSubject: Re: Alterboy's application   Wed Nov 03, 2010 5:47 pm

No magic word, and no video question 5 blue gems, no maxed out proffesions, slacky enchants, etc is this possibly an alt/offspec?(what guild did you kill LK with?)...could you please fullfill your application and we'll take care of the rest,

Thanks & Good luck with your application
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Posts : 2
Join date : 2010-11-03

PostSubject: Re: Alterboy's application   Wed Nov 03, 2010 5:59 pm

ye about the enchants and gems hmm you know cata is comming so whats the point wasteing money for the best enchants that cost 300-400g and expensive gems? i just dont see the point
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Posts : 55
Join date : 2010-08-19
Location : Sweden

PostSubject: Re: Alterboy's application   Wed Nov 03, 2010 6:01 pm

Then you're not what we're looking for. Sorry and good luck.
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Posts : 46
Join date : 2010-08-20

PostSubject: Re: Alterboy's application   Wed Nov 03, 2010 6:06 pm

Well that clearly shows the other side of people, we're not only recruiting for cataclysm as you should know, but also for the end content of WOTLK, so thats the point why you shouldn't slack with things like this.

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PostSubject: Re: Alterboy's application   

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Alterboy's application
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