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 Rubber a Holy Paladin Application

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PostSubject: Rubber a Holy Paladin Application   Rubber a Holy Paladin Application I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 19, 2011 11:29 pm

Personal information
Name: Thomas Davies

Age: 18

Country: England

Language: English

Character information

Nick: Rubber

Level: 85

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Spec: Holy

Duel spec: Protection

Link: eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/terenas/Rubber/advanced

Would you be willing to respec your talents if asked? Yes Smile

Alt information at lvl 80-85. Dk level 85 and a Mage(Horde) level 85

Any Previous main characters





All Content and Raid experiences ( How many bosses have you down)

In Vanilla while being lvl 60:None

In TBC while being lvl 70:Black Temple

In WotLK while being lvl 80: Some of ICC

In Cata while being lvl 85: Throne of 4 winds, Most of BWD and Most of BoT

All previous guilds and reason for leaving ( While being lvl 60 in vanilla, 70 in TBC and 80 in WotLK)




Cata: (Evolved) I'm going to leave if i get accepted as i would like to do 10 mans and the guild just wants to do 25 man or so it seems :/ And my freind has told me that your Group 2 is progressing well and i would like to Progress aswell Smile

Why do you want to join Misery and why do you think Misery is the guild for you? Progression in Cata raids Smile and the social aspect

Are you applying to any other guild then Misery at this point of time? Nope.

Can you play from 20.00 to +-2400 and minimal 3 raid per week? Yes.

Your internet connection? (lags/DCs?) Hardly lag if i do lag its for a split second at the very most.

Do you know/have Ventrilo? Yes

Do you have microphone?

Average FPS during 10/25 man raids? 20-30 FPS

Are you planning to take a break from WoW anytime soon? Never! Very Happy

Do you know anyone in Misery ? If so, who? Varadun or Tom

Have you read the Conduct Post before applying? Yes

If you read the conduct post before applying. What is the magic word? (The word will be changed from time to time) wisskid

Ever got any bad conduct post about you? No or i hope not Smile i like to be Happy and social

A few words about yourself... I'm Tom :0 and im a Pally healer i like being a healer as i don't have to Faceroll as a DPs (No offence) and i can play a pivotal roll in the Raid.

Do you have any questions to us? Not really apart from i would like to join Group 2 and as for an enchant on my Main hand weapon i am going to be getting one i am just gathering the matts Razz
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Rubber a Holy Paladin Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rubber a Holy Paladin Application   Rubber a Holy Paladin Application I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 20, 2011 10:37 pm

Thank you for applying to Misery.

Atm we only run with 1 main grp. And that main grp is over full right now.
So we are not looking for new members for our raid grp.
We do accept casuals but that means no raiding ofc and since you are looking
for progress, we do need to decline your application to misery at this point.

Good luck Smile


Rubber a Holy Paladin Application Bips10
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Rubber a Holy Paladin Application
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