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 Misery's Code Of Conduct (Read before applying)

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Misery's Code Of Conduct (Read before applying) Empty
PostSubject: Misery's Code Of Conduct (Read before applying)   Misery's Code Of Conduct (Read before applying) I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 25, 2010 12:32 am

Misery Code of Conduct


You are expected to raid at a minimum of 3 times a week and this is a rather strict requirement, with obvious exceptions for holidays, emergencies.
If on a normal week you cannot sign up and be online for 2-3 raids then Misery will not be the guild for you.

Raid times for our 10mans raiding times are from 19:45 - 23:00 (all times noted are game time):
Monday:10 man
Tuesday: (extra raids)
Wednesday: 10 man
Thursday: 10 man
Friday: No raid
Saturday: No raid
Sunday: 10 man

*Note these are our official raid-nights, we do however raid most evenings or whenever it is needed for progress..

Raiding with Misery:
We are serious about our members enjoyment of raids and therefore we will also require that any applicants understand that we will expect all our raiders to be fully read up, repaired, potted up and punctual for our raids. We want to make sure your experience raiding with Misery is a positive one and we are eager to make sure all our raid is ready and completely prepared for the obstacles ahead.

We also expect people to participate in forum discussions and read up on what's going on in the guild. We won't accept that people are totally oblivious as to what is going on in the guild.

If you have any questions you can ask any of our raiders and I’m sure they will be more than happy to help. We promote active forum discussion and are always looking to improve so feel free to add your opinions to the discussions and anything you think may be helpful to increasing the raids chance of success.

Hardware and connection
You are expected to have a PC being able to run the game smoothly with a minimum of crashes. Also your connection should be top notch. If you disconnect all the time during 25 man raiding you will need to get this sorted before applying to Misery as you will be replaced in raids with constant disconnects eventually leading to a failed trial.

Rules regarding distribution of loot:
In Misery we are distribute loot with loot council. The officers will make a fair choice on who deserves the loot more then the other.
We will look at how big of an upgrade it is for the player. And also the attendance.

Raider Need > Trialist Need > Raider Minor Upgrade > Trialist Minor Upgrade > ALL Rolls (offspec) > Pass

In instances that we got on farm and where its not a lot of loot left for guild members, we don't use master loot (ML)
If you need the item you will roll Need
For off spec (OS) you will roll greed
If neither you will pass.
If any Dis-enchanters in raid, the raid leader will DE the loot that no one has rolled for.

If applying please make sure you use our application template, and feel free to add any extra information you may think will be helpful in the comments section.
We encourage everyone to apply even if our recruitment is closed. Exceptional applications will be considered

Thank you for taking the time to read this and good luck with your application if you are making one.

Behaviour in General

  • Dont beg other players for money or personal profit in the game nobody likes beggers.

  • Present yourself in an appropriate manner at all times (sure make jokes and have a laugh this isn’t a 1950s boarding school but at the same time we will not accept at any time spiteful meaningful insults on another member, this will be dealt with by means of a guild kick no second chances).

  • If you have a problem with another member, try and talk to them privately and sort your grievances, if you find this impossible to do go to an Officer and explain the situation and why you have a grievance with another member, the Officer will then take it from there.

  • Don’t try and influence another member into passing on loot, there may be times where the officers will step in when an individual's personal greed starts to affect the general spirit in raids and/or the guild's progression.

  • Be open minded, there will be things said in guildchat which you won’t agree with or that might seem distasteful. If that would happen don’t start an argument in the guildchat, just whisper the person who said it and ask them to tone it down a bit or contact an Officer and they’ll try and diffuse the situation. We’ve all said choice things at times and we all will again.

  • No discrimination of any kind, regardless of sex, race, religion, etc.

  • When out in the World of WarCraft outside of the guild raids, always remember that you carry our guildname above your head, so always respect this and carry yourself with dignity and pride and do not tarnish the guild's reputation.

  • Don’t get into arguments in general channels, if someone is annoying you are to use the ignore function or leave the channel.

  • When posting on forums outside the Misery's forum, Terenas Tavern / MMO Champion etc, the same rules apply as in the game. If unsure always consult with an officer before making a post that has any relation to the guild.

Conduct during Raids

  • Come prepared as in, gear repaired, flasks for the full duration of the raid, potions, gold to repair. Read up on the nights expected boss encounters and understanding the tactics. Extra gear in the bags as you may be asked to go offspec during the raid.

  • All members of the raid should listen to and follow the direction of the Raid Leader (RL).

  • All members of the raid are to be fully focused on the raid, ie not chatting in /g or /w during encounters.

  • All individuals are to make their best to keep the atmosphere in the raid at a good level, even if we might be wiping when learning an encounter.

  • When you make an application this word will be the answer to one of the questions. Type it in and we will know if you read this post. wisskid

  • Remember that our raids are not only about getting loot, but about helping the guild progress further in the game.

  • Addressing members of the raid in an inappropriate manner in chat or on TS/ventrilo will not be tolerated. If you have issues with a fellow raider this is to be dealt in /w and if not possible then use one of the officers to help out as a mediator.
    We urge you however to try to hold this off until the raid is over (if possible) so that the other 23 members don't have to be affected.

  • If you have to go AFK midraid make sure you inform the RL. AFK should be kept to a minimum during the raid besides the 5-10 minute break announced by the raid leader.

  • Keep downtime after a wipe to a minimum. Do not wait for a resurrection (unless called for), release and run back ASAP.

Dealing with Issues/Problems

  • Its accepted that not everyone will like everyone else, so if you don’t like someone just try and act civilly towards them, we aren’t forcing you to spend every online second with them.

  • If you are unhappy with things and you don’t like the way things are going let an Officer know.
    If we don’t know about it then we can’t do anything about it and the last thing we want is our members being unhappy.
    And the faster that we can react to a problem the bigger chance of defusing whatever the issue might be before its to late.

Thanks to One Spot - Terenas for a great conduct post

Trial period

  • Misery does not have a time limit for our trial period. Some trialists need more time then others.
    After every raid our officers take the time to go through every person that was in the raid. Who stood out from the others in a bad or a good way.

  • If we do not see a change in the players raiding way, either in tactics / Dps / healing / preparing. You will not pass your trial period. But you will be offered a Casual spot. If that is not what you want Misery is not the guild for you and you need to leave.
    Attitude: Any negative attitude we detect will be a major case if you pass your trial or not.

  • Misery has a limit of 3 raids a week that must be attended. This is also crucial for a trialist. Show what you can and what you got when you got the chance! If a trialist is offline for multiple days without letting on of the officers know, don't be surprised when you get back your no longer in a guild.

  • Misery will not be a gearing up and teach people how to play guild. If your gear is not good enough or if you don't know your character as good as you are supposed to we will not take you in. If we do invite you for a trial and you do not live up to out expectations, trial failed.


Misery's Code Of Conduct (Read before applying) Bips10

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Misery's Code Of Conduct (Read before applying)
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