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 Feral Kitty

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PostSubject: Feral Kitty   Feral Kitty I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 07, 2011 11:25 pm

Personal information
Name: Simon




Character information

Nick: Furiun

Level: 84

Race: Worgen

Class: Druid

Spec: Feral DPS

Duel spec: none at the mo


Would you be willing to respec your talents if asked?
If needed of coarse i would be happy to help in any way possible.

Alt information at lvl 80-85.
Brymstone - enhance shaman

Any Previous main characters

Name: Brymstone

Class: shaman

Spec: Enhancement

Realm: Terenas

All Content and Raid experiences ( How many bosses have you down)

In Vanilla while being lvl 60: none

In TBC while being lvl 70: Kara

In WotLK while being lvl 80:
Naxx 10/25 all boss down
Uld 10/25 all boss down exept yogg
Toc 10/25 all boss down
ICC 10/25 man all boss down other than LK himself.

In Cata while being lvl 85:
Blackwing decent none down.

All previous guilds and reason for leaving ( While being lvl 60 in vanilla, 70 in TBC and 80 in WotLK)



WotLK: Betrayal. I was the co founder of the raiding guild called betrayal and one of there officers and raid leaders. i really enjoyed the guild but the GM is a complete nightmare. (xynesia). I had alot of disagreements with him about shouting,screeming and being abusive to the raiders and the way he always seemed to be the one person who benifited from raids over others that needed gear more. in the end i couldnt stay there as he was destroying the guild from the inside out. they have lost so many good players due to his behavior.

i have since had harassment from him to the point that i deleted all my toons and releveled them. kind of anoying but im 34 at the end of the day and not 3. and no soooner did i ignore a toon of his he would create another.

Cata: Fallen Kings. im in fallen kings as one of there officers at the moment. i got promoted very quick once they saw i new all the tacs and how to run the WoTLK raids. they are very nice people but unfortunately there not orginised enough and most of the players in the guild are more interested in there own personal gain rather than the guild as a whole. this just isnt me at all and the reason im looking for a more together much more active raiding guild.

Why do you want to join Misery and why do you think Misery is the guild for you?
I have read through your rules and guild statements, and in all honesty. i love what i see. you have the same drive and mentality towards raiding that im looking for. I am looking for a guild where the drive to best the challenges of the latest content is more important that the drive to gain loot and personal gain. from what ive read this is your main drive in the game.

Are you applying to any other guild then Misery at this point of time?
no im not applying to any other guilds at the moment.

Can you play from 20.00 to +-2400 and minimal 3 raid per week?
These raiding times are perfect for me, im on all day every day most of the time till early in the morning and am able to raid as much as you need me to. 3 days is easily doable for me.

Your internet connection? (lags/DCs?)
no lag and no dc's.

Do you know/have Ventrilo?
yes i have both vent and TS 3 already installed on my PC.

Do you have microphone?
yes i have a microphone head set.

Average FPS during 10/25 man raids?
60 FPS

Are you planning to take a break from WoW anytime soon?
no i am completely addicted to WoW lol

Do you know anyone in Misery ? If so, who?
not at the moment.

Have you read the Conduct Post before applying?
yes i have read the whole of your guild statements and all raid rule, conduct and how to deal with isues within the structure of your guild.

If you read the conduct post before applying. What is the magic word? (The word will be changed from time to time)
Anguish, lol i think i spelled that right lol.

Ever got any bad conduct post about you?
never. i believe this is a game of cooperation. i think there are far to many that treat other players as if there just NPC's. i believe to get respect from others you need to give respect to others. i believe this to be true in real life and gaming life too.

A few words about yourself...
im 34 years old and have been playing since just after TBC. I have come to love the game and enjoy meeting new players in this type of community. Im slightly nutty and like to try and bring a bit of fun flavor to the guilds im in. I always come prepared to raids, flasks, food and gold. im helpfull and always happy to help others to do anything. im the kind of person that likes to have a good laugh but am then very focused when we are raiding. well i hope to here from you soon many thanks and good luck Smile

Do you have any questions to us?

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PostSubject: Re: Feral Kitty   Feral Kitty I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 08, 2011 3:03 am

Really liked the post, although didn't expect you to be 84, but I'm sure the officers can figure something out as we have 0 feral dr00ds atm.

I wish you luck with your application Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Feral Kitty   Feral Kitty I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 08, 2011 8:11 am

thank you for applying to Misery.

I must say i do like your application as Anguish stated.
As you know, most things do not go that smooth and efficient as you want it to go,
but we will have a look at your application and come back to you as soon as we got an answer.
be aware it might take up to 1-2 days.

When the time comes we will either post an reply here on the forum or contact you in game. Smile

Good luck Smile


Feral Kitty Bips10
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PostSubject: Feral Kitty   Feral Kitty I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 08, 2011 4:03 pm

thx alot for the comments i look forward to hearing from you Smile
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PostSubject: feral kitty   Feral Kitty I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 08, 2011 8:15 pm

I just thought i would drop a line to advise that i am now lvl 85 and gearing up
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PostSubject: Re: Feral Kitty   Feral Kitty I_icon_minitime

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Feral Kitty
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