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PostSubject: Skylance - Holy Paladin   Skylance - Holy Paladin I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 28, 2010 2:15 am

Hi there, this will most likely be the worst topic ever and probably not enough to persuade you into recruiting me, but ill give it a shot Smile

Age : 15 - Very mature and love to have a great time.

Name : Benjamin

Location : England - United Kingdoms

Play Time : 7-12 Hours a day (heavily dedicated) Very Happy

i was in a raiding guild for a few months but they didnt do anything and didnt let me come to any raids so i ended up leaving and joined a PVP Guild, i used to love watching people heal and wished i could some day raid, nevermind ICC - Eventually after achieving full Relentless in retriibution, i was bored stiff and really wanted to be a healer... so i got prepared and got my ambitions set. I worked really hard with extreme devotion and control attempting to become a healer - after a few months of gearing with rubbish 232 gear and pathetic gems and enchants, i got invited and summoned to my first ICC and got one look inside and then removed from the group... seeing the inside of it gave me another shot of inspiration and after a long time of hard work with no help from anyone at all.... im now here. Smile

Point is, even going through extreme hard time with my Real Life and my in game, i still kept going and going this is me now.

HP : 34k UB
Mana : 40K UB
GS : 6k
Progress : 11/12 10 - 9/12 25 (PUGS!!!!)

I have nearly every addon needed to succeed in every raid, i learned tactics from friends, google and dungeon companions, i try my very best at everything and never give up if i want to achieve something. I feel i will be a good contribution to the guild because im very kind and helpful, i will always go out of my way to help others and put the guild before myself. i will contribute in any possible way i can to the guild in any context or situation including recruitment. I will be there for every raid no matter how big or small and will do EVERYTHING to stay there and to do my job.

I know this is terrible, but please i guarantee you wont regret it, i know very well what i am doing and would love to progress with your guild, even if you take me for a trial run, i can prove it to you. I really hope you will pick me and i haven't answered everything i should of, but any further questions im SURE you will be happy with my response.

Thanks for your time Smile

Armoury Link : (i dont show up in the armory for some odd reason... please go to "www.wow-heroes.com" and search me there)

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Skylance - Holy Paladin
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